It’s late Friday afternoon as I write this, and I’m thinking back to how the week started. Simply put, the way the week started ended up having a lot to do with how it went and how it ends.

Recall on Monday how I wrote about staring off the week with a quick win, and an easy one at that. It gave me an extra spring in my step after a busy but productive week, and with a week in front of me that did not have much on the calendar to start with. It was just the juice I needed.

This week has flown by, with a lot of good things happening all the way through. It has been a big advancement in terms of finding my next opportunity, with more doors opening and some opening a little wider. I suspect my confidence from the early win showed in my conversations, because it felt positive all the way.

It hasn’t been a week with all wins – none of what has happened has resulted in an interview, or even better, a job offer – but that doesn’t tarnish what has been done. Activities this week have laid the groundwork for that to happen sooner rather than later. A job search, while not a numbers game, is generally a marathon and not a sprint. Sometimes persistence is important to land a particular job of interest.

Even Friday, which can be a slow day of sorts on this front at this time of the year, has been a busy and productive one. From a networking meeting that was better than expected to two good phone conversations, a lot has been packed into the day. It sets the stage for the weekend, and that will help set the stage for next week.

It all goes back to starting the week off with a quick and easy win. Now the challenge is to make sure I can do that again, and again after that.

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