This week began with a plan to spend most of the days looking back on examples where I expanded my skill set on the job. I got started with one story, and look forward to sharing similar ones. However, a change in the plan has come. Tuesday brought that change about with an experience I had.

It’s a good change. And I’m still going to look back on more examples where I expanded my skill set on the job, because it’s an important subject. But something takes a little more immediate precedence.

On Tuesday, I attended the ReDev B0st0n Conference at MIT. I write this late in the night, having planned on something else for the day, and touching on the conference later. But I can’t wait. I need to talk about the conference now, as well as in the days to follow.

Because the conference was terrific. It was a day well-spent all the way around. I learned, I met many great people, had a lot of conversations, and felt like I was in my element. There is a lot to talk about coming out of each keynote, each breakout session from the day – in fact I could probably write a whole story out of each, though I don’t think I’ll do that.

So instead of my original plan, it will change. I’ll pick up on examples of expanding my skill set on the job a little later. And instead of the one entry I originally planned on the conference, there will be more than one. That’s about the only way to do it justice.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be some good reading on a great experience. And I’ll leave you with what competed for our attention at times during the day:

The view from outside the MIT Samberg Conference Center, site of the ReDev B0st0n Conference

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