An old saying on the golf course, if you aren’t very good, is that one good hole – par, even a birdie – is enough to make you want to come back. You might triple and quadruple bogey all day, live in the bunker and barely touch a fairway, but that one hole might be all you need.

For job seekers, an interview can work the same way. It can be easy to not feel so good, but getting an interview – unless it is an absolute disaster – is enough to keep you going for a little more. At times, you have to take moral victories of sorts, although the end goal is not that – it’s the real victory of a job offer you want. You won’t stop the job search without having any – there is, after all, a need for a job that remains regardless – but this keeps the confidence up and makes it all feel like less of a drag.

So goes the start to my week. I have had some interviews in recent weeks, as August has had a lot of action. Thus far, they have not translated into anything. It’s anyone’s guess if today’s, or the one I have slated for tomorrow, will translate into anything more, but there is a positive sign aside from merely landing the two.

I felt like the interview went well, and by the end of the business day the company had already touched base with my recruiter. They want to do another round of technical screening, and quickly. That’s a good start – I’m finally past the first portion for the first time in a while. It gives me more confidence going into tomorrow’s interview.

And there may be more than that to come. At least it’s a good start to the week.

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