Sometimes, we get a perspective check that we don’t ask for. Ultimately, we appreciate what it communicates to us, but all the same, at the time it happens we probably wouldn’t mind trading it for something else.

That was brought to mind on Thursday morning, which was to be the beginning of a long and busy day. I had three different things on the docket, starting with an early networking event and continuing to a meeting in the evening. Right away, though, it didn’t start well.

As I neared the highway closest to my home, the road I was on switched to a two-lane road. As I moved into the left lane, which had fewer cars, I had clear sailing and a green light. Unfortunately, as I reached the intersection, a woman in the right lane tried to come over as I was near her. She insisted, and to avoid her as I beeped, I swerved to the left. I avoided her, and she looked frazzled in her car, but I got the worst of it.

At first my car continued okay, though I heard quite a sound. The woman got further ahead of me, and only then, sure enough, did I hear a noise that was not good. I had a bad feeling, and sure enough, the driver side front tire was all done. No networking meeting, I was out $300, and the woman got away ā€“ but she will be paid back in spades by karma.

More importantly, though, the reality is that it’s a good thing the busted tire was the worst thing that happened. There was no other damage and I was fine. I could live without making the networking meeting, even though missing it stunk. I was alive; I could go to other networking meetings, I could still get another job. Both would be a lot harder if something happened to me there.

This perspective probably helped me as I was frustrated at the Northeastern Career Fair later in the day. There was ridiculously long line to get into Cabot Gym when I arrived, and two hours later it was no better. I left without even trying, so I was 0-for-2 on the day.

But thankfully, I was alive and well. I had lived to tell about it all.

So Thursday was not exactly a red-letter day ā€“ the last meeting at least went well ā€“ but I am still here. That matters. I still have a weekend ahead of myself.

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