Today won’t be a day where I put a lot together, as there’s so much happening before I go to Finish at the 50, a road race I have run for several years now. It’s also a big event, as there is a lot happening at Patriot Place surrounding the race, and a big reason why I’m still doing it even though I don’t live just a couple of towns away.

Instead, I’ll be more of a content curator today with a couple of things that caught my eye of late.

Something I saw in Harvard Business Review referred readers to an article from about five years ago on the late Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and it’s a good read. Jobs was well-known for being hard on those who worked for him, but the results speak for themselves. Isaacson wrote a book on Jobs that I hope to read one of these days (how many books have I said that about?), so he knew the man well.

The rosters for the MLB All-Star Game were announced, minus the last player on each team (to be voted on by the fans), and the Dodgers won’t have a single starter despite having the best record in the National League. That certainly caught Kenley Jansen’s attention, and if he is right about it – I don’t know enough to take that stand – chalk it up to the Dodgers not being as important as many other things in LA despite their success thus far. That’s life in LA, really.

Last, but not least, free agency, or perhaps more accurately, silly season, in the NBA is upon us.

A max deal for Otto Porter, a nice player but hardly max contract-worthy? Serge Ibaka is a nearly $22 million/year player? It’s only just begun, too. There is some crazy money being thrown around, but much of this is relative; we can argue to a small degree about injury-prone Blake Griffin’s big deal, but not like the aforementioned deals or some others we will surely hear about. And there’s nothing to quibble about with the money Steph Curry is getting, or Kyle Lowry or Paul Millsap – again, in a relative sense to other players.

Have a safe and happy Fourth tomorrow – I’ll take the day off from this and return on Wednesday.

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