I can’t ever recall having a week like this one. It’s been something else, really.

When this week is over, I will have had an interview every single day. It’s in some ways a job seeker’s dream, but even in the best of circumstances, it rarely materializes. Certainly, a couple of things help in this regard, but it’s still been quite a week – and as I write this, it’s not over yet.

Three of those interviews will be with one company, and it all materialized late last week. Helping out is that key people in the company are only in town during this week, so they want to move fast if possible. As I managed to get through the first two interviews, they want to bring me on site while they’re still in town on Friday.

I’m alive with all three companies, and we’re past the early stage with each; earlier in the day I went through the on-site portion and now await a decision.

A week like this can be exhausting with all the preparation required in addition to the interviews themselves, but it hasn’t been. I’ve certainly done my homework on each, and one of them included a little work outside of the interviews, but I have managed to compile a lot of good notes and keep in mind good questions to ask. After this series of interviews, I know I have to write something about good questions to ask on an interview, as it’s an area where I am far from an old pro but one I think I did well with this week.

If anything, I am energized. That sounds cliché, but it’s an accurate reflection of how I have felt all week.

The bigger challenge will come in the event that I did well enough to secure multiple job offers. The executive summary of that is simple: I have interviewed for three very different jobs, with three very different commutes, and each opportunity came about via a different avenue. The last point is a big key, and one I’m about to elaborate on soon – I have made sure I leave no stone unturned during this transition.

I enter the last day of the week feeling confident and thus ready to take care of this interview in fine fashion. This is bound to be a week that a great deal of good comes out of, as I talked about at a networking meeting earlier tonight.

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